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Now Scheduling in Alabama!

Hoop Dance After-School Programs!

Looking for a new twist on After School Programs? Hoop for Fitness can bring weekly organized hoop dance programs to your school. With hoop moves-based training each participant will be building coordination, balance, and flexibility while coordinating hoop moves to music. Of course, we enjoy some hoop games along the way, and we encourage self-expression in the form of hoop dance. Each semester features a choreographed group performance for the kids to shine with their new hoop skills! Designed for different age groups (Grades 2-3 and Grades 4-6). Each participants makes their own hoop for use during the class and enjoys a group performance at the end of the semester.

Hooptastic PE

This interactive workshop is designed for a smaller group setting of 10-40 students and is also dependent upon space. Enjoy 30-minute segments with a Certified Hoop Dance instructor for your PE class instruction. Based on the age of participants, hoop dance moves and hula hoop games will be provided to encourage movement in a non-traditional form. Hoop Dance is considered a creative movement art. Hoops are provided in different sizes and weights to ensure that each child is successful. A professional hoop dance performance will be provided at the end of each session. Designed for a full day at your school so each class gets to participate! Cost: $225/hour. 

Hoopla Assembly

Enjoy a performance-based introduction to Hoop Dance and/or Sock Poi. This 60-minute program introduces participants the creative movement arts of hula hoops and poi. A certified hoop dance instructor will demonstration the differences in varying weights and sizes of hula hoop and how they work to increase physical activity plus creative movement. Basic movement techniques using sock poi will be shared explaining how poi builds coordination and creative design, while teaching them how to make their own sock poi at home for practicing. LED and Fire performances are also available on request with varying rates. $375 for basic performance

Create-A-Hoop Workshop

Interested in getting a great variety of hula hoops for your school to use year-round? This class includes hoop making supplies so the students/teachers/staff can make hoops for their school to use in PE and other activities. Hoop supplies are professional-grade that will hold up to several years of use by children. Instruction is $225 while each hoop is $10.

Staff/Teacher Hoop Dance

 This 1-hour Beginning Hoop Dance Class for adults is designed to improve cardiovascular health and strength. Adult-sized fitness hoops are provided for class. Fun, upbeat music is provided. $225 per class

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